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  • Sacred Scripture
  • Living a Gospel Life
  • Catholic Doctrine
  • Catholic Social  Teaching

Retreat Leader

Prayer Requests

Retreat Leader


  • Pre Profession Day of Reflection
  • God's Call and Our Response
  • Be the Visible Face of the Church
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Prayer and the Incarnation
  • Following St. Francis: The Journey from San Damiano to Laverna

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests


Can we ever have enough people praying for us?  If you would like to have your intentions lifted up by the Tau Ministry Prayer Warriors  click the link below and let us know what intentions we can bring to our Heavenly Father.

"David Seitz is someone who seeks God’s heart in everything he does. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak and have read numerous publications he has written sharing his faith with others. David has a way of illuminating the Christian  walk in a way that’s both easy to understand and exciting." 

Caroline, Portland, MI

"David has a depth of knowledge and lived practice of the faith that calls others to conversion. He is a dynamic speaker whose presence will light up the room. David knows Scripture as well as the teachings of the Church and is able to help others understand how to practically apply them to their daily lives. His presentations are very down to earth and this helps everyone feel comfortable to share comments and ask questions."

Marty Lucas, Director Adult Faith Formation and RCIA, St. Francis

 Ann Arbor, MI

"David brings his love of God and his Catholic faith into any conversation or situation. He weaves a wealth of experiences from business, Secular Franciscan Fraternity leadership, and family life in a way that is humble and empowering  (or approachable) at the same time. If you need a motivational speaker, retreat or workshop leader, I wholeheartedly recommend David."

Beth Price, OFS Spiritual Assistant

Divine Mercy Region and

Spiritual Director

"David has that rare gift of being able to succinctly explain theological and spiritual theories while correlating them to the realities of your life. Never compromising the truth, he will lead you to an encounter with Christ. He has certainly embraced Franciscan spirituality in all aspects of his life. You will walk away from his talks and retreats enriched and renewed."

Deacon Jim Thibodeau

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Ann Arbor, MI

"Even this old priest learned something listening to David."

Rev. Lawrence Zurek, OFM Conv.
Administrator-Basilica of St. Josaphat

Milwaukee, WI

David is a clear and compelling speaker. Through story and example he is able to engage his audience and bring home his message. His values and convictions come through in his presentations. Sharing the Catholic faith and Franciscan charism he is able to help listeners see how to be the best versions of themselves.

Michelle Bryk, OFS

Chief Operating Officer at Women's Resource Center

Grand Rapids, MI

"Recently, our parish invited David to lead us in a discussion on the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. We were not disappointed! His presentation was not just engaging and informative, but also left us with an "action plan" to further our own spirituality. I highly recommend him."

Deacon Kurt Godfryd

 St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church

Romeo, MI

I am delighted to recommend David Seitz to serve as your retreat facilitator or speaker.  I have had the pleasure of knowing David for over ten years.  During David's tenure as Regional Minister of the Divine Mercy Region Secular Franciscan fraternity, David provided the local ministers with inspiring presentations on the Secular Franciscan way of life.  David is a dynamic speaker who embodies the Franciscan spirit and has an engaging personality that allows retreat participants to deepen their relationship with God and to live more fully the Franciscan way of life in their daily lives.  

Maryann Kummer, OFS

  Director of Formation

David Seitz is a dynamic speaker. His knowledge of theology and Franciscan spirituality is par excellence. I've heard him speak and read many of his articles and teachings and have never been disappointed. He communicates Christ and his teachings through the eyes of St. Francis. He brings St. Francis' way of life to us and helps us to live the Gospel message in today's world.

Eileen Smith, OFS, Minister 

St. Bonaventure, Detroit

Popular Keynote topics


What Does it Mean to be a Temple?

Saint Paul says that we are Temples. Explore the history of the Jewish temple.  What was it's purpose? What did it mean to Jesus? Why does that matter for us as followers of Christ?  Will that understanding change how you relate to God? 

Marital Imagery and the Theology of Community

This topic is for any organization that consists of more than one member.  Isn't that all of us?  Explore the theology and imagery of marriage throughout Sacred Scripture and Church teaching.  You will be surprised at what this will mean for your community, whether it is a parish staff, parish council, religious house, Knights council, men's or women's group or fraternity and any faith based community.  ( You may even be inspired to take this into your workplace )


Based on the thought of St. Bonaventure, explore the nature of humility and how you can begin to cultivate this virtue.   God raises up the humble and casts down the proud.  But what does it really mean to be humble?  It does not mean to be weak or to be trod upon.  

Who Was and Who is Saint Francis of Assisi?

Saint Francis is much more than a lover of animals and creation.  His personal journey of conversion inspired a "rebuilding" of the Church.  The life of Francis is one of personal struggle, conversion, re-conversion, a life long pilgrimage to conform himself to Christ as perfectly as he was able.  There is a Francis in all of us...let's discover how we might follow Jesus more closely in the footsteps of one of the Church's most beloved saints.

Catholic Social Teaching

An introduction to the social teachings of the Church.  What do the Gospels teach?  What does the Church teach?  What are our obligations as baptized Christians? Putting Gospel values into action is challenging and can be counter cultural.  This presentation will challenge you to further investigate the Church's call to action and help you to explore where you may bring your talents and gifts to help bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The Mass: A Celebration of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness

From the beginning of the Mass to the end we are immersed in God's loving mercy.  This talk and reflection on the Mass will give you new insights and a desire to deepen your participation in the greatest gift from Jesus to his Church.

Prayer and the Incarnation

How does the fact that God became incarnate, uniting divinity with human flesh and blood inform your prayer?  What does it mean for your walk with Christ?  What does it mean for your walk in the daily circumstances of life?  St. Francis of Assisi was deeply moved by the incarnation and through the incarnation saw all of creation as brother and sister.  Explore the wonder and implications of the incarnation in your life.

Be The Visible Face of the Church

The Church has always had an "outward" mission.  Vatican II has called the laity to reclaim their active role in being the visible face of the Church.  What does that mean for you and your walk of faith?  Our culture today would encourage us to practice our faith but only if we confine our faith within the walls of our church buildings.  There is a saying attributed to St. Francis, "Preach always and if necessary, use words."  What does this really mean?  Are we in a time where it is necessary to use words?

Do you have a topic of interest?

Over the years David has presented many topics not listed here. If you have a theme or topic you would like to explore with your group contact David and discuss your objective and how a teaching can be customized for you.

Popular retreat and day of reflection topics


Pre-Profession Day of Reflection

For all professed and those to be professed.  This day of reflection focuses on the theology and nature of profession.  Explore Sacred Scripture, Church Documents, Ritual and Liturgical elements and what it means for your vocation and your life post profession.  Developed for Secular Franciscans, the foundations can be applied to any order in the Church.

God's Call and Our Response

God calls each person.  Being called is not exclusive to those in religious life.  There are as many different ways of being called as there are people.  We will explore several stories from Scripture that demonstrate a variety of ways God calls.  Group discussion, sharing and time for personal reflection will help you to begin or deepen your response to God's call to you.

Walk with Jesus in his Passion

A Scripture based day of reflection using Old and New Testament accounts of the suffering servant.  Visual images from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land help to center the retreatant in time and place.  Opportunities for quiet reflection.  The reflections lend themselves to an attitude of repentance and renewed conversion.  If possible, having a priest available for the sacrament of reconciliation is a powerful means to deepen the retreat experience.

Praying with the Psalms

The Holy Spirit gave us words to use in any life circumstance, even words to use when we wish to complain to God.  In the Psalms we find praise, salvation history, theology, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and a means to satisfy our soul's longing for God.  We also explore New Testament canticles that fit the genera of a Psalm.  Time to reflect, pray and share will give the retreatant a foundation for developing a daily habit of praying with the Psalms.

Contemplative Prayer

What is contemplative prayer?  What is the difference between eastern meditation and Christian meditation?  Can anyone be a contemplative? Practical guides to building a contemplative prayer life.  Drawing on the rich tradition of prayer in the Church this retreat experience will give the participants a base of understanding, contemplative experience and a roadmap for a deepening prayer life.

Do you have a topic of interest?

Over the years David has presented many topics not listed here. If you have a theme for a retreat you would like to develop, contact David and discuss how a retreat experience can be developed and customized for you.

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